Budget Documents

The city’s annual budget represents the city’s operating plan for the fiscal year July 1st to June 30th. The budget is prepared in conformance with the City’s fiscal performance goals and the Code of Iowa.  A budget amendment is needed when expenditures for a function (such as Public Safety, Public Works, Health & Social Services, Culture & Recreation, Community and Economic Development, General Government, Debt Service, Capital Projects, Business Type/Enterprise) will increase over the original adopted amount.  

Current and prior year budget documents can be found on the Iowa Department of Management website.

Other budget documents can be found as part of the Council meeting packets from January through March.

Maximum Property Tax Levies for Specific Levies

In the 2019 session, the legislature passed the SF634 bill, which relates to local government budgets and property taxes.  The new law requires all cities to pass a new resolution establishing their maximum property tax dollars to certify for levy (only specific levies), post notification, and hold a public hearing and vote. This new mandate notifies the public of the increased dollars the City will collect over the current fiscal year, regardless of the property tax rate.  The prior year's maximum property tax dollars have been filed with the county auditor/recorder. Please read the small print on the Resolution documentation and subsequent filing, as the tax rate for this 2 percent resolution only applies to specific affected tax levies (it does not include the debt service levy, the CIP levy, or any voted levies such as the library or instrumental/vocal groups). This mandate requires that if the increased dollars for these affected levies are more than 102% of the current fiscal year, then Council must approve by a two-thirds majority vote after a public hearing.  If 102% or less, then a simple majority vote of the City Council can approve after a public hearing. 

FY2023 Budget Amendment