Marshalltown Police and Community Team

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What is MPACT?

MPACT (Marshalltown Police and Community Team) is an intervention program providing service within the city of Marshalltown. The service is a collaboration between the Marshalltown Police Department and YSS of Marshall County. MPACT’s Community Advocates, who are highly trained human service providers, are contacted when a non-emergent non-criminal police call comes in involving mental illness, family conflict, substance abuse, or emotional/behavioral situations. While MPACT Advocates are dispatched through the Marshalltown Police Department, they are a mobile crisis unit, not law enforcement. MPACT is not appropriate when violent situations or life-threatening medical emergencies occur, nor is it a 24-hour service.

What can I expect from MPACT when they arrive with law enforcement?

The Community Advocates will respond in a respectful, caring, and concerned manner. An assessment will be completed, which will include the presenting problem, a brief medical summary, family information, and urgent needs. A release of information is signed to allow for communication with collaborative support systems and to access services. The Community Advocate will provide recommendations and may help you create a safety/response plan. Strengths, needs, abilities, preferences, culture, and faith indicators will be taken into account when developing the plan. Follow-up visits may be scheduled with the Community Advocate to determine further care, if necessary. You may be referred to a specific agency or to one of our many community partners. MPACT’s Community Advocates are limited in their scope of services and are not intended to diagnose or replace any ongoing treatment or therapy.

What is the purpose of MPACT? 

MPACT Community Advocates resolve mental and behavioral health calls by connecting individuals and families to community social services in cases when law enforcement intervention is not required. The program expects to reduce unnecessary arrests, prevent and deter (re)entry into the criminal justice system, improve call outcomes, and build positive community relationships with the Marshalltown Police Department.

How does somebody contact MPACT?

MPACT Community Advocates can only be reached through the Marshalltown Police Department. When an officer arrives at the scene of a call, they will assess the situation to determine if the Community Advocates might be of assistance, and if so, the officer contacts the Community Advocates and requests they come to the scene. Response times are dependent on call volume, so please do not expect MPACT Community Advocates to arrive at an exact time or for immediate attention. MPACT does not respond directly to calls made to the police emergency communications center. Community Advocates may also be assigned to an individual or family if a walk-in to the Marshalltown Police Department has been assessed and need determined. All MPACT services are voluntary and free of charge.


Click here for the MPACT informational brochure. This resource is free for distribution. Visit Youth and Shelter Service's website for more information on their services.