Automated Traffic Enforcement

Community leaders in the City of Marshalltown have determined that automated photo enforcement will deter unsafe driving within our City. In numerous cities and towns throughout Iowa and the US, photo enforcement cameras have succeeded in changing driver behavior. The goals of this program are simple: a reduction in vehicular accidents, speeding vehicles, and a complement to our existing police force.  On May 23, 2023, the City of Marshalltown began an Automated Traffic Enforcement program to reduce excessive speeding at (2) fixed Marshalltown locations. One fixed location is on Lincoln Way near the intersection of Orchard Lane. The second location is on Governor Road near Benjamin Drive. Owners of vehicles traveling more than 10 miles per hour over the posted speed limit will receive a Notice of Violation of their speeding violation by mail. 


Automated Monthly Traffic Tickets Issued 

June 2023 July 2023 August 2023 Yearly Total 
Governor Road 1404424563240
Lincoln Way011821020


Who is responsible for an Automated Traffic Enforcement system citation?

The registered owner of the vehicle is responsible for an Automated Traffic Enforcement citation issued by a Marshalltown Police Officer and the applicable civil penalty.

Will the City allow a violation to be transferred?

The citation may be transferred. Both the registered owner and responsible party must submit a signed and notarized transfer of liability within 30 days of receiving the citation. Both party’s signatures must be acknowledged by a certified Notary Public.

Who approves a citation before it is issued?

A Marshalltown Police Officer reviews each event identified by the Automated Traffic Enforcement system and determines whether a violation occurred and a citation is to be issued.

Do violations received through the Automated Traffic Enforcement program go on my driving record?

In no event will an Automated Traffic Citation be sent or reported to the Iowa Department of Transportation or similar department of any other state for the purpose of being added to the Vehicle Owner’s driving record.

Can I negotiate the amount owed for a citation to a lesser amount?

No. You have the option to contest the citation or request that a Municipal Infraction be filed against you by the City of Marshalltown. Each contested citation will be reviewed by a Marshalltown Police Commander on a case by case basis. Each citation will either be upheld or dismissed in its entirety.

I have lost my citation; how can I pay it?

Please call the Automated Traffic Enforcement Program at 1-844-397-3111 and preferably have your license plate information to which the citation was regarding. Service staff can retrieve citation information and instruct you on how to pay.

Contesting a Citation

What is the process for contesting a citation?

You may contest the citation within 30 days from the date printed at the top of the citation. If there are multiple citations to contest, please fill out a Contest Citation Form for each citation separately. A Marshalltown police officer will review all contested citations and supporting information submitted. A letter with an answer to your contest will be sent to the vehicle owner(s) by U.S. Mail within 30 days of receiving the Contest Citation Form.



What options are available to submit payment for an Automated Traffic Enforcement citation?

There are several options to submit payment for an Automatic Traffic Enforcement citation.       

To pay online:

Visit and log in with the given citation and pin number exactly as shown on the front of the citation including punctuation. You will then be able to view your citation and enter payment information.

To pay by phone:

Call the Payment Processing Center 1-844-397-3111 leave a message, and they will return your phone call at which time they will be able to take your payment over the phone.

To pay by check or money order:

Make checks payable to City of Marshalltown

Mail payments to:

Citations Processing Center, Marshalltown, IA

P.O. Box 7200

Beverly, MA  01915


  1. Christopher Jones

  2. Phone: 641-754-5758