Police Reserves

The Marshalltown Police Department is fortunate to have a Police Reserve Unit of officers that volunteer their time on a monthly basis to help keep our community safe. Their selfless giving and dedication is a critical element in our agency’s ability to provide a high level of service to the citizens of Marshalltown.

2018-07-04 Reserves, Volunteers


Formed in September of 1967, the Marshalltown Police Reserve is an outgrowth of the Marshalltown - Marshall County Emergency Corps. Today the reserve is a permanent addition to the Marshalltown Police Department and reserve officers have almost the same responsibilities to the public as the regular police officers. 

Reserve officers assist patrol officers making arrests, responding to 911 calls and participating in community events. Last year, officers dedicated over 520 hours to the Marshalltown community and helped supplement law enforcement staff during 20 different community events.


All Reserve Officers are state certified by the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy and must meet the training requirements of Chapter 80D, Code of Iowa, completing training modules and weapons training. Once certified, reserves are required to attend monthly training meetings and spend a minimum of 8 hours per month patrolling with a regular officer. 

More Information

Anyone interested in becoming a volunteer Police Reserve Officer may contact the Marshalltown Police Department at 641-754-5725.