Building Board of Appeals


This board meets on an as needed basis.


The Board consists of five members who are qualified by experience and training to deliberate and rule on matters of building construction.  Terms for each board member are five years.  The City's Building Official shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Board.  The terms of each member shall be five years provided, however, that the original appointments to the Board shall be as follows: one member shall be appointed for an initial one-year term, one member for an initial two-year term, one member for an initial three-year term, one member for an initial four-year term, and one member for an initial five-year term.  The present existing Board shall continue under current appointments. 


  • Heidi Hogan
  • John Mahlstede
  • David G. Schulze
  • Jeff Simms
  • Kellissa Thurston


The purpose of the Building Board of Appeals is to provide for a reasonable interpretation of the Building Code in cases where the interpretation of the Building Code is brought into question.  This Board also hears appeals on dangerous buildings as well.  Ref § 151.002 (L) Section 112 Board of Appeals: In order to determine the suitability of the alternate materials and types of construction, and to provide for reasonable interpretation of all the provisions of this Code, there shall be and hereby is enacted a Board of Appeals.  The Board shall render a decision within thirty days from the time any matter is submitted to it. The Board shall adopt reasonable rules and regulations for conducting its investigations, and shall render all decisions and findings in writing to the Building Official with a duplicate copy to the appellant, and may recommend to the City Council such new legislation as is consistent therewith.  The Board of appeals shall have no authority relative to interpretation of the administrative portions of this Code, nor shall the Board be empowered to waive requirements of this Code.