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Application for Appointment to Boards and Commissions

  1. Is your primary residence with in the city limits of Marshalltown?
  2. If retired, please indicate last employer and position held.
  3. Iowa Code 69.16A requires all appointive boards, commissions, committees, and councils are gender-balanced. Please indicate how you identify. 

  4. Veteran's Status
  5. Volunteer Civic / Community Activity

    Please list the organizations in which you have been involved, the nature and duration of your involvement, and any offices or positions you have held.  Include any innovative programs you have developed or participated in at work or in other volunteer capacities.  If preferred, you may upload a document with this information.

  6. Organization Interest

    Please check which of the following City Boards and/or Commissions you would like to be appointed to.

  7. For instance, previous experience, expertise or interest, improvements, etc., you believe you would bring to the Board / Commission.
  8. Attendance of Members of All Boards and Commission
    Attendance of Board and Commission members will be reviewed on a quarterly basis by the staff member who works most directly with any Board or Commission. If attendance of any member is at a level of less than 75% for two consecutive quarters, the staff member will report that attendance to the member and to the Mayor. If attendance of any member is at a level below 60% in any four consecutive quarters (or over a span of six or more meetings for groups which meet fewer than six times annually), the Mayor will request a resignation from that member unless there were extenuating circumstances, outside the control of the member, which were reported to the staff member prior to the absences. If a Board or Commission has been unable to conduct business at more than one scheduled meeting in the previous year due to lack of a quorum, the 60% requirement will be enforced regardless of extenuating circumstances.
  9. I do not intend to leave the city for long periods of time during my appointment:
  10. The City appreciates your time and volunteer spirit. Your application will be kept on file for one year. Please subscribe to City News to receive volunteer opportunity announcements.

  11. Meeting notifications are provided via email and posted on the City’s website.
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