West End Park/Futsal Courts

West End Park

Futsal Courts

West End Park Futsal Courts are located at 222 N 13th Street and showcase three state-of-the-art lighted outdoor futsal courts. Court surfacing is the official surfacing of the US Futsal Association.  Courts are available on a first come / first serve basis, except during Parks and Recreation activities or tournaments.  Contact the Parks and Recreation office to reserve a court for a tournament.  


  1.  Park hours are 6 AM to 10 PM.
  2. Courts are first come first serve except for tournaments and Parks and Recreation scheduled practices.
  3. Reservations required for tournaments and must be made in advance.
  4. No food or drink, other than water or sport drinks, is allowed on the courts.
  5. Pick up all trash and place it in the proper trash receptacle.
  6. No bikes, skate boards or roller blades are allowed on the courts.
  7. No kicking of court fences or walls is allowed.
  8. Profanity is not permitted on courts or in bleachers.
  9. Please park away from designated local business and resident spaces.