Sidewalks are a vital part of any community.  They are a part of a larger transportation network by providing a safe way for kids to get to school and for people to walk to work or to a transit stop, and they contribute to the overall health of a community by providing a free recreational opportunity.

In the 2018 Strategic Plan, the Marshalltown City Council identified sidewalks as a priority.  This means that City staff will be preparing a multi-faceted plan for the City Council to consider to enhance our sidewalks and community walkability.  We are starting by looking at the areas where sidewalks do not exist and where gaps are created.  This means there might be sidewalks around an area, but a connecting piece has never been installed.  

Your help is needed to identify areas where gaps exist between sidewalks and where installing a sidewalk would make it easier and safer to get to a location.  Please click here to complete the form until April 30th.

The information you provide will be verified by City staff who will then begin to develop cost estimates for the City Council to consider.