Zoning Ordinance Re-write Project

Background Information

The Marshalltown City Council has selected Kendig Keast Collaborative to complete a Zoning Ordinance Re-write. The project kicked off in December 2020 and will last approximately 12 months. The Zoning Ordinance is part of the City Code and it regulates a number of items that impact all types of development. 

The Marshalltown Zoning Ordinance was originally established in 1957 and was amended multiple times including major updates in 1998 and 2010. The ordinance regulates allowable uses in zoning districts, bulk requirements such as setbacks and lot area, landscaping and buffering requirements, signage requirements, home occupations, accessory buildings, as well as other miscellaneous provisions. The ordinance also includes the Zoning Map of the City of Marshalltown identifying the current zoning classification of all parcels.

Proposed Schedule

  • Introduction of the project to the City Council, Plan Zoning Commission, Board of Adjustment, Staff and Ordiannce Advisory Committee - January 2021 CLICK HERE for the Introductory Presentation
  • Draft of Module 1 delivered - April 2021
  • Draft of Module 2 delivered - July 2021
  • Presentation of Final Draft - November 2021
  • Adoption Process Begins - December 2021