Benefits of Public Transportation

Economic & Quality of Life Benefits

Public transportation provides many economic benefits to our community. It also enhances the quality of life for our residents and for visitors to our city. And public transportation is good for the environment. Benefits may include:

  • It is a myth that public transportation benefits only the elderly. Every day many people ride public transportation to work, to school, to recreational facilities, and many other destinations.
  • Even if you never ride the bus, you benefit from reduced traffic congestion, cleaner air, and an economically vibrant community. Many of these benefits are directly attributable to public transportation.
  • Take away our buses and there would be significantly more automobiles on our city's already crowded streets.
  • Public transportation reduces traffic congestion and emissions that pollute our air. Reducing congestion also makes our streets safer!
  • Public transportation reduces the demand for more parking space and thereby helps to preserve Marshalltown's historic character, open green spaces, and natural beauty.
  • The bus is a convenient, and affordable way for people to travel to work, services, shopping, school, and leisure activities. It is a vital tool to revitalize and grow our local economy.
  • Public transportation equates to independence for our senior citizens.
  • For residents with disabilities, it expands their access to our community's services.
  • Commuters find it an economical alternate mode of transportation.

Ultimately, public transportation and MMT provides mobility options that sustain and enhance the quality of life for all Iowans.