About Us

Mission Statement

As part of our community, the Marshalltown Police Department works to enhance trust, safety, and quality of life for all.  We serve with empathy and compassion while treating all with dignity and respect.


  • Integrity: living by clear moral principles.
  • Compassionate: being able to have a heart and understand the situation someone else is going through.
  • Fair & Equitable: fair-minded, impartial, without fear or favor.
  • Courage: willingness to do the right thing in all situations, to follow and adhere to values in difficult situations.
  • Professional: properly trained, treating with respect, responsible, and well-spoken.
  • Respect for Everyone: fair, treating others how you want to be treated, treating others as people, not just as part of a job.
  • Inclusive: all encompassing and reaching everybody.
  • Innovative: willing to take risks and open to change, being creative and following through.
  • Honesty: being truthful in your thoughts and actions.


  • We are a department with innovative equipment and software to perform their duties at a high level.
  • We are a model department for policing and programming across the state & nation.
  • We are a diversified department that is properly staffed to meet the needs of the community and are proactive in safety and inclusion.
  • We are a department that utilizes up to date methods, technology and resources to promote safety and well-being.
  • We are a department whose employees promote the city and department and the opportunities they present.
  • We have an established social media network with the ability to reach the vast majority of people on a daily basis.
  • We are a department that prioritizes the wellness and professional development of staff.