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Tree Planting Permit on Right-of-Way (Terrace)

  1. Tree Planting Permit Process

    1. Complete information below
    2. Complete a planting site drawing or map (as detailed below)
    3. Submit complete information
    4. Contact Iowa One Call - 811
    5. When Iowa One Call markings are completed notify Kristin at
    6. A parks staff person will review the permit and planting site.
    7. Notification will be sent to the provided email address of approval, required modifications or denial.

  2. Map must include, within 30 feet of proposed planting, measurements of terrace (width and distance), all existing trees, shrubs, streets, alleys, driveways, sidewalks, intersections and a North arrow.

  3. Conditions of Permit

    Once planted, the tree becomes property of the city, but all costs and maintenance for the life-time of the tree remain with the property owner. The property owner must keep the tree trimmed to 8' above the sidewalk and 15' above the street. The tree cannot be removed without advanced permission from the city.

  4. Notify Park & Rec when all markings are in place

    Email Leave markings until approval or denial is received.

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