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Aquatic Center Rental Request (not a guarantee or commitment)

  1. Aquatic Rental Rules & Regulations, which apply to all groups using this facility. If rules are not followed, the agreement becomes void, the pool closes immediately and the rental fee is forfeited.

    1. All regular swimming pool rules will be in effect as posted in the bathhouse and on the pool deck.
     2. No smoking (including e-cigarettes), alcohol or glass containers are allowed anywhere in the facility.
     3. Bringing in food requires a $50 refundable deposit. All cooking must be done outside the south gate. Renter must clean and carry out all trash.
     4. With an additional $60 fee the concession stand may be requested during this rental.
     5. The rental must be made and signed by an adult who must be at the pool during the rental. The renter will be held responsible for the actions of their guests and must assist pool staff to enforce rules.
     6. The usage is for all private groups and only those who are actually in the group shall be admitted. Members of the private group must be identified to the supervisor upon arrival.
     7. All cancellations and/or changes of date must be made two weeks prior to the rental date, except in case of rain. If it rains on the night of this rental, it will be rescheduled. All refunds are subject to a $20 processing fee, unless otherwise noted.

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