How do I apply to be on a City of Marshalltown Board or Commission?

Boards and commissions are a necessary and vital part of a local government’s operations.  Some are created to meet the ongoing needs of the community and continue to exist for as long as they provide assistance to the Council, while others are mandated by state law.  The structure, duties, and responsibilities of these bodies vary depending on each board or commission’s specific purpose or mission.  However, all have one feature in common—they were established to improve the quality of life for the citizens of Marshalltown.  Thus, by serving on one of these bodies, residents have an opportunity to join with local government and administrative staff to ensure that the needs of Marshalltown citizens are served.

Click here to navigate to the online form to submit your application to Volunteer for a Board or Commission.

Applications will be held on file for one year to be considered for vacancies.  The Mayor will review applications for appointments, which are ratified by the City Council.  For more information on boards and commissions visit this page.

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1. How do I apply to be on a City of Marshalltown Board or Commission?
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