I live in Marshalltown. Isn't the City Attorney my attorney?

No. The City Attorney represents the citizens of Marshalltown but not in their personal capacity nor in a directly capacity. The City Attorney's legal representation and ethical duty is to the Municipality of Marshalltown which exercises its home rule legal powers through the City Council and derivatively through City staff and City boards and commissions.

Thus if you have a legal problem with your employer, landlord, ex or current spouse, or any other private matter, the City Attorney cannot advise or represent you. The City Attorney's sole client is the City of Marshalltown.

Also the City Attorney's Office should not be confused with the Public Defender's Office. They can be reached at 641-752-0083. If you need private counsel and are not familiar with any private law firms, the Iowa State Bar Association oversees a lawyer referral service. Their telephone number is 515-280-7429.

Other referral agencies which may provide services sought mistakenly from the Office of the City Attorney, are:

  • The Marshall County Attorney's Office (641-754-6314)
  • The Iowa Attorney General's Office (515-281-5764)
  • The Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General's Office (515-281-5926)

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1. I live in Marshalltown. Isn't the City Attorney my attorney?
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