Housing Advisory Board


This board meets infrequently, as needed.


This board consists of six members, four of which are qualified by experience and training to understand Housing Code enforcement.  Membership on the Board shall satisfy the following required positions: one state-licensed realtor, one state-registered architect or engineer; one contractor experienced in remodeling, one lending institution representative, and two representatives from the general public, one of whom shall be a landlord.  Each board member shall have had at least five years of experience in their respective field.


  • Chris Brodin
  • Beverly Espenscheid
  • Tina Eubanks
  • Kurt Lynch
  • Karen Shipley Cooper
  • Vacancy


The Housing Advisory Board serves as a place for appeal for actions taken by the Housing Officer as part of the City's registered rental program.  This group may also grant variances of the Housing Code and make recommendations on rules and regulations for the City Council to consider.