Urban Renewal Areas

The City of Marshalltown has multiple active urban renewal areas, which have been created for the purposes of slum and blight remediation, economic development and housing.  Urban renewal areas and corresponding plans are necessary to access one of the City's economic development tools, which is tax increment financing (TIF).  

Each year, the City is required to file an annual Urban Renewal Report with the State of Iowa.  The report for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2021, can be accessed here.

Each of the tabs below provides information about the urban renewal areas including the most recently adopted plans.

Urban Renewal Area Map- Updated May 2021

  1. Area #2- East Side Industrial
  2. Area #3- South Side Commercial
  3. Area #4- Downtown
  4. Area #5- Wandering Creek
  5. Area #6- Glenwood Park

Urban Renewal Area #2 was started in 1993 under the classification as both a blighted area and an economic development area.  It is designated as both an economic development area appropriate for the promotion of commercial and industrial development as well as an area in which blighted conditions exist. This area encompasses a large portion of the east side of Marshalltown.

The Urban Renewal Plan has been amended 5 times since it was adopted, with the most recent occurring in 2018 to provide for possible projects for which tax increment financing could be used.  A copy of the current Urban Renewal Plan is available by clicking here.