Seasonal Activity Guide

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Like us on Facebook for up to date information as well as cancellations, or contact the Parks and Recreation office.  Summer activities may be available around April 1.  Fall and Winter Activities may be available around September 1. 

Online Enrollment

Online enrollment is available for your convenience. As you make your account please note to enter date of birth and NOT age range.  

January 2018

Deadlines for enrollment include:
Taekwondo (six week class, 3 nights each week),which begins January 8
Indoor Evening Swim Lessons, by January 8, which begin January 15
Indoor Soccer, by January 5 to avoid a $10 late fee, which begin January 22
Youth Volleyball, by January 24 to avoid a $10 late fee, which begins January 30

February 2018

Indoor Tennis Lessons, by February 7, which begins February 10
Taekwondo (six week class, 3 nights each week), which begins February 26