State Championship Meet

Live Healthy Iowa Kids, part of the Iowa Sports Foundation (ISF) network, is excited to partner with Marshalltown Parks and Recreation to continue the tradition of offering a grassroots state-wide track and field event where all children may participate, free of charge. 

The Live Healthy Iowa Kids Track Championship extends the mission of ISF to provide recreation opportunities for all Iowans. The Iowa Sports Foundation has a website specific to the Live Healthy Iowa Kids Track Championship.


View the Live Healthy Iowa Kids Track Championship website for more information and to register your meet starting December 7, 2016. Please register your local meet by March 1, 2016. The first 10 new communities to register a local meet will receive a starter's kit. This kit will include all of the basics that are needed to host a Live Healthy Iowa Kids Track Championship meet.

Events Offered & Rules

  • The state meet will be in Marshalltown on a Saturday, in June (to be scheduled). All first place finishers at each local meet automatically qualify, however must present record of birth to and be entered by their locat meet organizer.
  • Age groups are as of December 31, 2018; athletes may compete in only one local meet; no spikes or starting blocks maybe used. There are separate girls and boys divisions in each age group.
  • Relays will not count as one of the three events allowed: every age group may participate in a relay besides the other three events allowed (two running and one field event or one running and two field events.)

More Information

Contact the Marshalltown Parks and Recreation if you have any questions at (641) 754-5715 or Email the Parks and Recreation Department.