The Marshalltown Skate Park is located at 901 South 6th Street, adjacent to the South 6th Street Softball Complex.


The Skate Park has lighting! Check out a Skate Park Group Photo under the lights!


An Annual SkateparkFest has been held in June at the Skatepark. Contact Black Tire Bike Company for additional information.


With the first phase of this project completed, the Marshalltown Skate Park has become a very popular spot for skateboarders and bikers. The park covers a large area and has many different elements (half pipe, quarter pipe and grind rails) to challenge the most skilled. The most recent addition to this area has been a memorial bench.

Skate Park Rules

This park is unsupervised by the City of Marshalltown. Users assume the risk and danger inherent in the use of this park. The City of Marshalltown is not responsible for accidents or payments of any claims. Small children are expected to be under the supervision of an adult.

  • This park is designed for skateboards, skates and bikes. No scooters or motorized devices.
  • Safety gear is strongly recommended: helmets, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads.
  • Do not use if ice, snow, wet surfaces or other unsafe conditions are present.
  • No waxing, graffiti or vandalism, please!
  • No glass containers; please use trash cans provided - do not litter!
  • No food or drink on skating surfaces.
  • Respect others using the park and their abilities. Be courteous.
  • No alcohol, drugs or tobacco.
  • To report damage or safety concerns or to request use for an organized event,
  • call the Parks and Recreation Department, 641-754-5715.


Skate / bike at your own risk.

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