This Power volleyball season will play Tuesdays evenings beginning in January, 2019, at the Babe Harder Gym (while the Veterans Memorial Coliseum is not available). 

2019 Power League information
Power League Rules
Power League Schedule
Power League Standings


Players may be added to team rosters throughout the season by adding their information and signature to the team roster in the Parks and Recreation office or fully completing and submitting an Individual Waiver found below.  All the information asked on either form is required.

Team & Player Fees

With only four teams playing in the 2019 Power League, the season will change to a 10-game season with a single elimination tournament, therefore  team fees are reduced to $60 for this season.

The City now passes on fees incurred for credit/debit card transactions.  Customers are now responsible for each credit/debit card transaction fee of 3% of the transaction plus $0.30.

Power Volleyball League players must pay a $10 Fall/Winter Recreation Fee only If the $10 Fall/Winter Recreation Player Fee was not previously paid for Fall Men's or Women's Volleyball or Winter COED Volleyball leagues. If Fall/Winter Recreation Player Fees were previously paid, no additional fee is required for those player this season.

Other Volleyball Leagues

Fall Men's and Women's Volleyball Leagues information should be available in mid September. 

2020 Power League information will be available in November.  Form teams now and prepare the League Roster for your team and players.  (Park & Rec has a new software which requires all player information.)  Submit your League Roster by Wednesday, December 4, to avoid a $25 late fee.  League Rosters will be accepted through Friday, December 6, with a $25 late fee.  

COED Volleyball League enrollment schedule is the same as Power Volleyball League.  

Other Non-League Adult Recreation Opportunities

Fall Hail Mary Flag Football League
Swim Lessons are available for adults as well as young as two months old.

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