Information Systems

The City of Marshalltown utilizes a Municipal Area Network comprised of multiple file servers, accessed by "PC" workstations. The various buildings housing the equipment are connected by a combination of copper and fiber optic cables, and microwave links. Internet broadband access is also provided via a microwave service.

The IS representative is responsible for:

  • Providing end-user support to the departments
  • Assisting administration with systems planning and purchasing
  • Assuring the on-going stability of the network

The network currently has over 100 workstations, 5 file servers, and an IBM e-Series minicomputer.

Technical Committee

The City has established a Technical Committee, consisting of employees who represent the departments. The committee works with the IS representative to establish and maintain a long-range systems plan, and to establish priorities within this plan.

Current Technical Committee members are:

  • Brian DeMoss, Finance Department
  • Brad Mauseth, Police Department
  • Michelle Spohnheimer, Housing and Community Development Director
  • Patrick Cornwell, Fire Department
  • Phil Grommet, Public Works
  • Shari Coughenour, City Clerk
  • IS Representative(s)